Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Been A while....

I know I haven't written in a minute on here and my goal was to write regularly to help myself. I've been busy and really haven't gotten to the computer like I would like to. My cell phone is equipped to receive my emails and such so sometimes I don't even look at a desktop when I don't have to. Away from all of that I'm excited. May is less than 24 hours away and that begins graduation season. I've actually gotten invites for two or three in different states so a lot of my weekend time is gone for the rest of the month. That's not a problem for me I enjoy seeing people hit the start of their transition from college into that next phase.

Back to me.... I feel as if I need to move to the next phase also... I'm not getting younger and yet I'm still not doing what I feel I should be doing. Sometimes I think that if I took a job that paid about the same but allowed me a little more time to do what I wanted that I would fill more fulfilled and actually get more out of life. I might not be able to have all the material things I wanted but I would be living the way I now I should be..... Since I need to invest I must invest in the best thing I'll have for a long time..... ME.

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