Friday, April 11, 2008

Tatted Up

Every since I was 17 I've had an idea on 'if' I was to ever get a tattoo what it would be. By the time I was half way through college I had done a complete blueprint on what tattoos I wanted, locations on the body, and even researched where to get these tattoos done based on design and the type of tattoo I wanted. To this day though I haven't gotten anything beyond those multi-week Henna tattoos, and that was when I was still in college. I can't really put my finger on why I even want a tattoo or multiple ones for that matter. When I step back and try to figure it out I don't see the necessity for any, yet a voice keeps telling me that if I get one or two or nine that it would be a much deeper experience than just ink on your skin. These symbols,pictures,words would be a representation of my life, goals, ambitions, etc. without me ever having to open my mouth and explain.

Mr. Stepback Logic: ..people will judge you unfairly because of these and it will keep your options scarce when it comes to work and networking.

Me: Clearly that happens on a regular basis for me regardless
S.L.: Then you def. don't need anything else holding you back from your goals
Me: Anyone who would judge me that quickly doesn't deserve my talents or time
S.L.: Say that when you're looking for a job or advancement in your career
Me: I guess.. There are so many career paths when having tattoos won't hold me back
S.L.: Most of them involve a job where you name is sewn onto your shirt
Me: {counterpoint}
S.L.: {counterpoint}

I know I just broke into an internal dialogue but that's how it goes back and forth all the time. Yet all of this is mute because I don't have the disposable income needed to just go out and get well done tattoos at a moment's notice. I mean if they were really that important to me I'd probably would have saved up the money and gotten them done. Only the future can tell what's going to happen.

if i do get some I'll def. post some pics

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