Monday, May 19, 2008

Who would you be?

Following this situation with MLK's statue in D.C. made me think that if people were to build a statue of me what would it entail. Have the deeds of my life left a positive effect on the people around me. Will I be remembered for my strides of greatness of my lapses in judgement. Then what kind of person am I if I base all of my decisions on the feelings and perceptions of others, have I given up on my element and that which is me by giving in to the whim of those around me. Yet if I fight against those that wish to help me then am I moving away from my life's goals and dreams.

At times I thought about if I was born in a different era that I would be a different person. That sounds a little on the duh side but when i think about I believe that to be the ultimate litmus test of one's character and behavior. Not knowing what you know now and put into a completely different surrounding and value system would you be the same person deep down inside. Would you be the person you believe yourself to be.... Still driven by the same characteristics that pull you along today? There are those moments in live where one small incident changes the fabric of our existence. Let's say that you knew that moment was coming yet you wouldn't be told the outcome would you take more time to make the choice or just go with your instinct?

What if I told you that every second of your life is one of those moments? Would you live your life different?

"I can't make the choices for you, but I will let you know they are coming..." my quote i just came up with it...

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H.S. REED JR. said...

"I can't make the choices for you, but I will let you know they are coming..."

I'm going to have to use that one!