Monday, April 18, 2011

Changing Back

The scariest part of change for me is not the act of change but what needs to be done to maintain the change.

I'm getting back into working out for a few reasons and I'll share some with y'all. First I love how I felt when was in great physical condition. I think those feelings definitely overtly and subconsciouslly boosted my confidence. It is just the fact that I know I can handle situations that could me in peril physically with some ease that kept my confidence up.
Second, I did like the way I looked. I'm not narcassictic or anything but what others could see I liked the small visual clues that let me know my body was working in peak form. I'm not talking about being jacked or getting all swoll but that type of natural looking fitness that comes from a strong core is what I miss. In the time since I've fallen off my working out there have been changes in my life and some definitely didn't help not my fitness but also my physical health. So today is the first day where I start to transition back to where I want to be and live as I know I should.

Something I Read

I remember reading a post on a forum that was talking about the NAACP's new president Benjamin T. Jealous and one of the points that was made was that even with a new leader what everyone should really think about was the original purpose for the NAACP. With deeper observations of the people that were the founders and who was financing everything. That hit like a brick for me. It's a great point though, can an organization really move in a direction that is different from the original ideology of the organization? I think that as long as you have the leaders (not necessarily those who are figureheads and such) with the same ideology as those that started it then it would be a hard to move an organization in a different direction than it's original purpose.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Health and Wellness---- Part I

Let's begin by defining Health and Wellness. You can go to and they will tell you that health is "the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor." They also define wellness as "the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort." I believe that your health is the condition of your
  1. Physical (body)--- This may include weight, BMI, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, muscle tone, skin, hair, teeth, etc.
  2. Mental (mind)--- This is based around how you view yourself in many different avenues, social, global, your level on confidence, how you deal with grief, inter- and intra-personal relations
  3. Spiritual is how each individuals relates to the phenomena around them
Optimal, or the highest level of health, for each individual is unique just as that individual is unique. Wellness is when all three are in their optimal levels. Each of the main three are made of many smaller parts that are more specific. Health starts at the internal level for each person. Any goals or aspirations you have for your health should be tailor made for you.
There are many different views from traditional traditions and modern medicine about what is optimal health, and what you need to do to be well. From everything I've studied I'm come to the conclusion that where you're at is where you're at. I say that because that is all you have to work with, YOU. No matter what end of the health spectrum you believe you stand, you have to start with you and go from there. Now once you have that honest and realistic view of where you health is within each area, you can see if you want to create goals from where you want to be in your life.