Monday, April 18, 2011

Changing Back

The scariest part of change for me is not the act of change but what needs to be done to maintain the change.

I'm getting back into working out for a few reasons and I'll share some with y'all. First I love how I felt when was in great physical condition. I think those feelings definitely overtly and subconsciouslly boosted my confidence. It is just the fact that I know I can handle situations that could me in peril physically with some ease that kept my confidence up.
Second, I did like the way I looked. I'm not narcassictic or anything but what others could see I liked the small visual clues that let me know my body was working in peak form. I'm not talking about being jacked or getting all swoll but that type of natural looking fitness that comes from a strong core is what I miss. In the time since I've fallen off my working out there have been changes in my life and some definitely didn't help not my fitness but also my physical health. So today is the first day where I start to transition back to where I want to be and live as I know I should.

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